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Inverters / Princeton Power Demand Response Inverter DRI-100 (4-Port)

Princeton Power Demand Response Inverter DRI-100 (4-Port)

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    The Princeton Power Systems DRI-100 features a distinctive four-terminal architecture consisting of 2x DC and 2x AC Bidirectional terminals. For those cases where high efficiency conversion between PV, Batteries and/or EV is critical, the DRI-100 offers a unique pre-engineered solution. The DRI-100 combines the functionality of two GTIBs with several included options. The DRI-100 is our most advanced product with more built-in functionality than any multi-port converter on the market.

    The included load port allows power conditioning and seamless transition to backup power (i.e. UPS) for critical loads.


    • Automated demand response
    • Peak shaving functionality
    • Island mode
    • Demand dispatch
    • Solar firming
    • Static VAR compensation
    • Area frequency regulation
    • Critical load UPS conditioning
    • Battery or PV-2-EV high efficiency (AFR)

    Enhanced control through programmable power curves and charge profiles for generators, loads and batteries. Ability to charge batteries directly from Photovoltaics.

    • Peak Efficiency: 96.50% (PV to Grid)
    • CEC Efficiency: 93.00% (PV to Grid)
    • PV to Battery Efficiency: 96.00%

    Increased lifespan and advanced high-capacity switches for seamless transition from grid-tied to off-grid and vice versa.

    Multiple 100kW bidirectional AC and DC terminals allow for DC energy storage, PV integration, dynamic loads and routing to the grid. Wide DC input voltage range offers flexibility when selecting DC sources such as batteries and PV arrays.


    • GFDI
    • Compatible with advanced energy storage
    • Transformer (Internal grid port only)
    • Dark start
    • Internal AC disconnect
    • Internal DC disconnect
    • Web-based performance monitoring
    • MPPT
    • Integrated charge controller

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