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Inverters / 100 kW Inverter for Solar Battery Grid Tied and Off Grid 480VAC Inverter

for Renewable Energy & Backup Power Applications

100 kW Inverter for Solar Battery Grid Tied and Off Grid 480VAC Inverter

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    100kW 480VAC Inverter for Solar & Battery + Grid + Backup

    Battery, PV charger, Grid input, and AC output at 480 Volts.

    Bi-directional Power Conversion System

    Modular design and wide power range in a single cabinet


    Grid-support functions

    Flexible configuration

    Built-in transformer 

    Supported Battery Types:

    Lithium-ion (including LiFePO4) 

    Lead-carbon battery


    Battery voltage range 400V(250~520V)

    Battery DC Max Current 300 Amps DC

    AC voltage 480 Volts AC

    AC current 120 Amps

    Nominal power 100 kW

    AC frequency 60 Hz [59.5Hz~60.5Hz]

    Battery voltage range  250~520 Volts DC

    AC output voltage 480V [±10% configurable]

    AC output current 120 Amps [Max 128A]

    AC Max Power 110 kW

    Cooling Forced air cooling

    Noise 70 dB

    Enclosure NEMA / IP20

    Max elevation 3000m/10000feet. (>2000m/6500feet derating)

    Operating temp. -20°C to 50°C (De-rating over 45°C)

    Humidity 0~95% (Non-condensing)

    Size (W*H*D) 31.5*85*31.5 inches

    Weight 1200 lbs

    Installation Free-standing Cabinet

    Peak Efficiency 95.50%

    Protection AC Overvoltage /Undervoltage protection, AC Phase Reverse


    AC Connection 3 Pole 4 Wire

    Display Touch Screen

    Communication RS485,CAN,Ethernet

    Isolation Built-in Transformer

    Compliance.    UL1741 / UL9540, CPUC RULE 21, IEEE 1547, CSA 22.2

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    Iron Edison is owned and operated by Brandon and Maggie Williams. They have three children, and live and work in Colorado.

    Brandon and Maggie believe in energy independence and for the past 10 years they have helped thousands of people achieve their goal of powering their homes with batteries and solar. We love working everyday with our customers and we hope you decide to choose Iron Edison for your battery and solar needs.

    the Williams family

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