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Iron Edison provides the best customer service - from coast to coast!!! This map shows each system we have shipped across the country. Learn more about what are customers are saying by reading their testimonials below:

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Ralph G.

I chose the Iron Edison battery due to its long life and low maintenance. How could anyone not be pleased with Iron Edison's product and the after sales follow up? The experience was most enjoyable and rewarding.

400 Amp hour, 24 Volt

Clair M.

I went with the Iron Edison battery because I was needing a battery to supply power to my home and workshop. We are in a grid-tied situation, but I would like to eventually switch to an off-grid system. The Iron Edison batteries are well made and sturdy looking. I really like the large lugs for connecting cables. Brandon and Maggie were both great to work with and I would definitely recommend Iron Edison to others. I had been searching for some time to buy batteries and all the accessories from, and I feel I have found the right place.

400 Amp hour, 48 Volt


My problem was that I did not understand how to put all the proper components together to form an off-grid system. Iron Edison helped explain everything to me. My Iron Edison batteries are 100% reliable and the service is second to none.

500 Amp hour, 24 Volt

Bill B.

I enjoyed working with Iron Edison. They helped me solve my problem quickly and were honest and reliable. I would recommend working with them again.

Battery Components

Michael B.

My nine year old lead acid bank was dead, and I was tired of dealing with replacing another bank of lead batteries. Most of my neighbors also struggle with lead acid banks at one time or another. Conversely, the Ni-Fe cells don't have the same inherent problems. They make my system so much easier and more dependable.

400 Amp hour, 24 Volt

Michael C.

I have a trailer with solar panels and I have to leave them alone for winter when I cannot reach the place. A lead acid battery would never survive the freezing cold. Also, I was really happy to see everything was included to get my battery up and running.

100 Amp hour, 12 Volt

David G.

Cost was not why I bought Ni-Fe batteries, it was in consideration of the environment. It would be cheaper for me to use utility power, but that's not why I do it. I do it because we have a power monopoly here in Hawaii, I don't support monopolies, no matter what the price is. I was worried about batteries not delivering high current, they do. I was surprised when the battery capacity got better with hard use. I'm learning that the battery likes to be cycled hard.

300 Amp hour, 48 Volt

Joe O.

I like that I don't have to worry about running these batteries under 50% state of charge. We have drawn our battery all the way down, with no ill effects on the capacity. Flooded lead acids would have likely been destroyed, or at least we would have taken a few years off their life span! Here we are unloading the batteries.

300 Amp hour, 24 Volt

Mike A.

I really like the people at Iron Edison. The regular updates/communications were above and beyond. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend my friends, family and co-workers to Iron Edison!

200 Amp hour, 24 Volt

Don B.

We were switching from grid-tied to off-grid, and I wanted a US distributor of nickel iron batteries due to their long life. I enjoyed the one-on-one conversations with Iron Edison to determine which battery was right for me.

700 Amp hour, 12 Volt

Keith C.

I like the deep draw down of capacity in my Iron Edison Nickel Iron Batteries. In the first month of having the batteries my backup generator has only had to run 1.5 hours!

600 Amp hour, 48 Volt

Cliff K.

I wanted a battery that I no longer had to be concerned with state of charge, stratification, or sulphation, so I purchased the Iron Edison Nickel Iron battery. It was a good experience working with Brandon and Maggie as well.

100 Amp hour, 12 Volt

Carl J.

We had already replaced our lead acid batteries 3 times in the past 19 years. Since we have only had the Iron Edison batteries for 1 full month - We are "anticipating" the Iron Edison nickel iron batteries will be the LAST set of batteries we will need to purchase. I like the Iron Edison batteries ease of maintenance in comparison to lead acid and the longevity of the batteries. We appreciated the willingness of Brandon and Maggie to help us determine the "best" performance in conjunction with a Magnum Inverter.

400 Amp hour, 24 Volt