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Outback / 10) Outback Radian Iron Edison Deluxe Package

Included Components  
Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Battery - Amp Hours Capacity: 800 Ah; Battery Voltage: 48 Volt
36 300 Watt Hanwha Q.Peak-G4.1 Solar Panels
Solar Ground Mounting System - Size: 36-40 Panels
Outback Inverter: Radian GS8048A and GS4048A Advanced Inverter - Model: GS-8048-A (8,000 watt)
3 OutBack FLEXmax MPPT Charge Controllers - Model: FLEXmax 80
Outback MATE-3 System Controller
Outback HUB Communications Manager - Model: Hub 4
Outback Radian GS Load Center - # of Charge Controllers: 1 or 2
3 Circuit Breaker-Panel Mount-150VDC (MidNite Solar) (not for Schneider PDP)s - Amps: 100 A, Single Pole
3 Circuit Breaker-Panel Mount-150VDC (MidNite Solar) (not for Schneider PDP)s - Amps: 60 A, Single Pole
3 MidNite Solar Lightning Arrestor and Surge Protection Device (SPD)s - Volts: 0-300 Volts DC
MidNite Solar Lightning Arrestor and Surge Protection Device (SPD) - Volts: 0-300 Volts AC
2 MidNite Solar Combiner Box - MNPV12s
12 Circuit Breaker-DIN Mount-150VDC (MidNite Solar)s - Amps: 15
12 Solar PV Array Cables - Feet: 50 (MC4 Connector)
Alpha Passoni Battery Rack for INDUSTRIAL SERIES Battery - Rack Type: 48V 800-1000Ah, 2 Step 2 Tier
Solar Panel Cable Tool
Battery Vent Fan - Volts: 48 Volt
2 Battery Cable - 4/0 AWG (up to 260 amps) with Lugs - Feet: 12
2 Battery Cable - 4/0 AWG (up to 260 amps) with Lugs - Feet: 2
Battery Cable - 4/0 AWG (up to 260 amps) with Lug - Feet: 4
Total Retail: $64,799.55
Package Savings: $11,225.10



* 31 USABLE kWh Iron Edison Nickel Iron Battery (48 volts, 800 AH)

* 10.8 KW Solar Array (Ground Mount)

* 8 KW Continuous Output Pure-Sine Multi-Mode Inverter

* Circuit Breakers, PV & Battery Cables, Battery Rack and MORE!

Are you looking to go off-grid without getting the utility involved?  Don’t want to deal with net metering agreements?  

The new Outback Radian Advanced inverter is great for areas of Hawaii and California with grid penetration rates that do not allow for any more grid-tie solar.  We can now use a battery and solar to offset most (or all) of your house’s energy loads.  You only ask the utility for the little bit of extra energy you need - just in case.  This inverter has dual 2-line AC inputs.  This means we can use the grid and / or your 240V generator that wire directly into the inverter.

GridZero Function: uses Renewable Energy and a blend of grid power to power loads up to a current limit and down to a battery voltage. GridZero lets users get the most out of their solar power and energy storage investment, no matter how much energy incentives, policies and even rates may change. By intelligently balancing stored energy and utility power, GridZero overcomes surges and spikes, making it possible for a smaller, more cost effective system to perform like a larger one and reduce grid dependency.

Advanced Battery Charging: great for charging Iron Edison's Nickel Iron and Lithium Iron Batteries

Dual AC inputs for grid and generator

The new Radian Advanced  Series inverters are stackable.  Use 2 GS8048A's for a 16kW system.  Or you can stack an GS8048A with a GS4048A to make 12Kw system.

Give us a call if you have any questions.  We are happy to help you find a qualified installer in your area.

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The Last Battery you’ll Ever Buy.

Over a century ago, Thomas Edison found a battery design that he considered to be nearly perfect. Today, Iron Edison is proud to offer an updated version of this incredible design that is specifically manufactured for Renewable Energy systems.

An Iron Edison Nickel-Iron Battery
  • Refillable alkaline electrolyte
  • Large storage capacity (up to 48 kWh)
  • Full depth of discharge
  • 12, 24 and 48 Volt applications
  • Nearly indestructible

Iron Edison now offers a full line of solar panels, charge controllers, inverters and more!

For more information on the advantages of Iron Edison batteries and on our company, check out our About page. Technical specifications and operating procedures can be found in our Reference Library.

A brighter future, off the grid.

A brighter future. Off the grid. Iron Edison battery systems can be used for 12, 24 and 48 volt applications. We can also help you optimize battery capacity to take better advantage of the solar, wind and other hardware you may already have in place.

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