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Magnum / Magnum Expandable Power Panel (DC Disconnect)

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The MPSL – Magnum Panel, Single Enclosure, Low Capacity – is designed to accommodate a maximum of two inverters. 


Magnum Energy
Magnum Panel Single Enclosure Low Power
250A DC Breaker (fits 24 VDC models)
30A Dual Pole AC Input Breaker (fits 1-2 MS-PAE)

The MP (Magnum Panel) enclosures have been specifically designed to combine all of the major components required for a high power renewable energy system — inverter/battery disconnect, AC overcurrent protection, grounding connections, and a full system inverter bypass switch as a convenient way to isolate the inverters for battery maintenance — into easy-to-install pre-wired enclosures. Designed for multiple inverter applications, the MP Series enclosures feature convenient front panel operation, and used with the optional Router (ME-RTR), the MP will allow you to easily set up, monitor, and operate up to four MS-PAE inverter/chargers together (must be identical models to parallel stack).

In addition to saving time and money by providing a simple and convenient inverter installation, the MP enclosures ensure safety and reliability by providing a UL and CSA certified and code compliant system.

The MPSL –Magnum Panel, Single Enclosure, Low Capacity – is designed to accommodate a maximum of two MS-PAE inverters, stacked in a parallel configuration. The MPSL shown to the right, is with two inverters (sold separately). The first MS-PAE inverter mounts on top of the MPSL enclosure; the second MS-PAE inverter requires an MPX extension enclosure, and there is an optional dual back plate, and an optional router.


  • Expandable: Start with the enclosure and just one inverter and in the future expand to multiple inverters, depending on MP model, with ease, using the MPX.
  • Easy installation: All connections are front-mounted, including AC and DC breakers and the MPX.
  • Labor saving: Panel is pre-wired for fast installation, saving labor costs.
  • DC load breakers: Fits either din rail or back-mount DC load breakers.
  • Convenient knockouts: Knockouts on the side of the enclosure are compatible with most charge controllers.


** 5 YEAR SYSTEM WARRANTY when Magnum Panel and Magnum Inverter are bought together

Includes: (1) 250A DC breaker, (1) 30A dual pole AC input breaker, (1) 500A/50mV DC shunt, and Inverter AC protection (AC output and AC bypass breaker).

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