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Magnum / Magnum AC Load Diversion Controller ACLD-40

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Magnum AC Load Diversion Controller ACLD-40

What is an AC Load Diversion Controller (ACLD)? The basic operating concept of an AC or DC diversion controller is quite simple. Monitor the battery bank, and if an energy source (e.g. solar panel, wind generator, etc.) should cause the battery to rise to a predetermined voltage level, connect a diversion load of sufficient size to prevent the battery from being overcharged. By diverting the unused energy that your solar panel or wind generator is producing, you can make use of it—such as heating a hot water or heating a room. The ACLD-40 is an AC load diversion controller that maximizes the use of onsite-generated power (i.e., renewable energy) by diverting any excess energy to resistive loads on the AC side. By diverting the excess current on the AC side and not on the DC side (through the battery-based inverter), there is less strain on the battery-based inverter. Also, since the wiring is on the AC side, there is less voltage drop, less expensive system wires and diversion loads, and fewer issues when trying to determine how to size the diversion loads/hardware.


The ACLD-40 (also known as the ACLD) is designed to be used in an AC coupled system—networked with a MS-PAE Series inverter—to provide three-stage battery charging and to divert any excess power to a resistive load. The ACLD-40 controller includes the following features:

 Automatic three-stage battery regulation (with adjustable voltage and charging parameters).

Controls up to 4000 watts of excess power to prevent battery overcharge.

Automatic battery temperature compensation—provides optimum charging even during extreme temperature changes (when using the inverter’s Battery Temperature Sensor).

A networked diversion device—using inverter and network ports.

ON/OFF mounted switch with status/fault indicator LED; operation and power information is provided when using the inverter’s remote.

Designed to work with MS-PAE Series inverters to prevent battery overcharging.

Diversion load is isolated from in-home AC loads and receives PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) voltage—prevents AC line disturbance by providing smooth transition when regulating.

Allows the use of resistive AC household loads (i.e., water heater tanks) instead of expensive and hard to fi- nd DC loads to divert excess current.

Does not require additional/external sensors to monitor battery inverter output current, battery voltage, or battery type.


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