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Watering System / Fully Integrated Watering System for Nickel Iron Battery

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The Water Injector Spider System delivers legendary speed of fill and reliability and employs many convenience features in its design. Small diameter (1/4 inch (6.4 mm)) flexible tubing (that is crush and kink resistant),  6-port manifolds and low profile valves make fitting onto a crowded battery top super easy.  Push fit tubing ports and Speed Tubing allow for quick and easy installation, and the central manifold can be tied down on the battery top to prevent pulled tubing problems.

The system has been customized for 100% compatibility with Iron Edison's Nickel Iron batterieses.

If you have always loved the speed and reliability of Water Injector technology, but have not liked continuous tubing of the Water Injector Classic System, the Water Injector Spider System is for you!

The Water Injector Spider System utilizes a manifold system and small diameter tubing to deliver water to each of its highly reliable valves.   Water flows from the input coupling and into the manifolds.  Individual runs of small diameter tubing connect each valve to the manifolds.  Water flows to each valve in parallel and the entire battery is filled in just 15 seconds!   Speed, safety and reliability are all maximized with the Water Injector SpiderSystem.

The system must be used with our factory authorized Injector Water Supplies to ensure proper performance and our famous 15-second fill. 

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The Last Battery you’ll Ever Buy.

Over a century ago, Thomas Edison found a battery design that he considered to be nearly perfect. Today, Iron Edison is proud to offer an updated version of this incredible design that is specifically manufactured for Renewable Energy systems.

An Iron Edison Nickel-Iron Battery
  • Refillable alkaline electrolyte
  • Large storage capacity (up to 48 kWh)
  • Full depth of discharge
  • 12, 24 and 48 Volt applications
  • Nearly indestructible

Iron Edison now offers a full line of solar panels, charge controllers, inverters and more!

For more information on the advantages of Iron Edison batteries and on our company, check out our About page. Technical specifications and operating procedures can be found in our Reference Library.

A brighter future, off the grid.

A brighter future. Off the grid. Iron Edison battery systems can be used for 12, 24 and 48 volt applications. We can also help you optimize battery capacity to take better advantage of the solar, wind and other hardware you may already have in place.

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