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Magnum / 4) Independence Package [24V 500Ah, 4.8kW]

 4) Independence Package [24V 500Ah, 4.8kW]

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    Included Components  
    Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Battery - Amp Hours Capacity: 500 Ah; Battery Voltage: 24 Volt (20 cells @ 1.2 V ea.)
    16 300 Watt Hanwha Q.Peak-G4.1 Solar Panels
    Solar Ground Mounting System - Size: 13-16 Panels
    Magnum MagnaSine Series Inverter/Charger - Model: MS4024-PAE 120/240v
    Magnum Remote Control Panel (ME-RC, ME-ARC, ME-RTR) - Model: ARC50
    Magnum MMP Mini Power Panel - Amps: 250A DC, 30Ax2 AC
    Magnum Back Plate - Size: Mini Panel
    2 MidNite Classic MPPT Charge Controllers - The MidNite Classic 200
    2 Circuit Breaker-DIN Mount-150VDC (MidNite Solar)s - Amps: 100
    2 Circuit Breaker-DIN Mount-150VDC (MidNite Solar)s - Amps: 60
    MidNite Solar Combiner Box - 300v - Number of Strings: 6
    4 Circuit Breaker-DIN Mount-300VDC (MidNite Solar)s - Amps: 15
    2 MidNite Solar Lightning Arrestor and Surge Protection Device (SPD)s - Volts: 0-300 Volts DC
    MidNite Solar Lightning Arrestor and Surge Protection Device (SPD) - Volts: 0-300 Volts AC
    4 Solar PV Array Cables - Feet: 50 (MC4 Connector)
    Solar Panel Cable Tool
    Alpha Passoni Battery Rack for INDUSTRIAL SERIES Battery - Rack Type: 24V 400-700Ah, 2 Step 1 Tier
    Battery Vent Fan - Volts: 24 Volt
    2 Battery Cable - 4/0 AWG (up to 260 amps) with Lugs - Feet: 12
    Battery Cable - 4/0 AWG (up to 260 amps) with Lug - Feet: 2
    Total Retail: $25,005.79
    Package Savings: $3,697.37


    The Independence Package

    Double the size of the Freedom Package, the Indepdence Package can comfortably take nearly any home off-grid.  Call our team of system designers at 720-432-6433 if you have any questions.  They will help calculate your home's loads to determine if this package will meet your needs. 

    Solar - This array can produce 23,000 Watt hrs or 23 kWh of solar power each day.  

    Battery - The 500Ah 24 Volt battery can store a total of 12,000 Watt hrs or 12 kWh of energy.  The 500Ah battery comes in the large industrial-size cell container.

    Inverter - A very impressive 4,000 Watts of continuous output at 120 / 240 VAC.  This is an off-grid inverter that can draw from any AC source to charge (grid or generator), but does not feed excess power back to the grid.

    Charge Controllers - Dual MidNite Classic MPPT charge controllers work in tandem to harness the power of the 4.8 kW solar array.

    Ground Mount - Snap-n-Rack ground mount for the solar array.  Top-of-pole mount and roof mounting is also available. 

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    A brighter future, off the grid.

    A brighter future. Off the grid. Iron Edison battery systems can be used for 12, 24 and 48 volt applications. We can also help you optimize battery capacity to take better advantage of the solar, wind and other hardware you may already have in place.

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