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Cable / Wire / Breakers / 5kV Wire - Direct Burial - 3 Conductor - MV105 - 8 AWG - price per ft

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Okoguard Is Okonite's registered trade name for its exclusive ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) base, thermosetting compound, whose optimum balance of electrical and physical properties is unequaled in other solid dielectrics. Okoguard insulation, with the distinctive red color and a totally integrated EPR system, provides the optimum balance of electrical and physical properties for long, problem free service.


Type MV-105 conductors are assembled with fillers, three bare stranded grounding conductors and a binder tape into a round core. A continuously corrugated welded aluminum sheath (C-L-X) encases the cable core. The C-L-X sheath is protected with a low temperature yellow Okoseal® jacket. The impervious, continuous, corrugated aluminum C-L-X sheath provides complete protection against moisture, liquids and gases in addition to its excellent mechanical strength. In addition, the aluminum sheath has adequate ampacity capability to be used as a grounding conductor in non HL areas. The Okoseal jacket allows the cable to be direct buried in the ground, embedded in concrete or areas subjected to corrosive atmospheres.


C-L-X power cables are recommended as an economical alternate to a wire in conduit system. They are designed specifically for use as feeders or branch circuits in industrial and utility power distribution systems. C-L-X power cables may be installed in both exposed and concealed work, wet and dry locations, directly buried in the earth, or embedded in concrete. They may be installed on metal racks, troughs, in cable trays or secured to supports not greater than 6 feet apart.
C-L-X Type MC-HL cables are also approved for Classes I , II , and III , Division 1 and 2 and Class I , Zones 1 and 2 hazardous locations - NEC Articles 501, 502, 503 and 505


Conductors: Uncoated copper compact stranded per ASTM B-496.
Strand Screen: Extruded semiconducting EPR strand screen meets or exceeds electrical and physical requirements of ICEA S-96-659/NEMA WC71 and UL 1072.
Insulation: Okoguard meets or exceeds the electrical and physical requirements of ICEA S-96-659/NEMA WC71 and UL 1072. The insulated conductors are tested in accordance with AEIC CS8.
Insulation Screen: Extruded semiconducting EPR insulation screen per ICEA
S-93-639/NEMA WC74, AEIC CS8 and UL 1072.
Shield: 5 mil uncoated copper tape helically applied with 12.5% nominal overlap.
Phase Identification: Color coded (black, red, blue) polyester ribbon laid longitudinally under the copper shield tape.
Grounding Conductors: Three uncoated copper Class B in accordance with UL 1072.
Assembly: Cabled with fillers and ground wires, in the interstices, binder tape overall.
Sheath: Close fitting, impervious, continuous, corrugated aluminum C-L-X per UL 1072. C-L-X is recognized as a grounding conductor by NEC.
Jacket: A low temperature sunlight resistant, yellow PVC jacket in accordance with
UL 1072. Other color jackets are available.
UL Listed as type MV-105 or MC-HL, sunlight resistant for use in cable tray, and for direct burial in accordance with UL 1072 & 2225. CSA Listed to C68.3

Product Features

  • Tandem extruded, all EPR system.
  • Complete prepackaged, color coded, factory tested wiring system.
  • Okoguard C-L-X cables meet or exceed electrical and physical requirements of all recognized industry standards (UL, AEIC, NEMA/ICEA, IEEE).
  • Passes the vertical tray flame test requirements of IEEE 383 and 1202, UL 1072, ICEA T-29-520(210,000 BTU/hr.)
  • Complies with NEC Sections 310-7 and 300-50 for direct burial.
  • Complies with NEC Articles 501, 502, 503 and 505 for hazardous locations.
  • Continuous sheath provides grounding safety.
  • Excellent corona resistance.
  • Exceptional resistance to “treeing.”
  • Stress cones not required.
  • Minimum installation temperature of -40°C.
  • Three symmetrical grounding conductors for PWM/VFD and other modern AC drive/motor applications.
  • ABS listed as CWCMC Type MC-HL
  • CSA listed as FT4 and LTGG (-40°C)
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